Users Command

The starkexpress-cli tool provides ways to manage user operations on the Arc platform. By utilizing the users command and its sub-commands, you can easily retrieve user details, list all users, and register new users directly from the CLI.

starkexpress-cli auth [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...


The starkexpress-cli users command supports the following sub-commands: get, list, and register.

Get User

The get sub-command retrieves user details by unique ID.

starkexpress-cli users get [OPTIONS] USER_ID


  • USER_ID: The ID of the user to retrieve.


  • --json: Outputs the result as JSON.

  • --help: Shows the help message and exits.


starkexpress-cli users get c556daf7-31e8-4235-856e-60cbeacaf2c6

List Users

The list sub-command retrieves general information about all registered users.

starkexpress-cli users list [OPTIONS]


  • --json: Outputs the result as JSON.

  • --help: Shows the help message and exits.


The register sub-command allows you to register a new user on the Arc platform.

starkexpress-cli users register [OPTIONS] USERNAME


  • USERNAME: The username of the user to register.


  • --eth-key TEXT: Your Ethereum private key.

  • --stark-key TEXT: Your STARK private key.

  • --json: Output result as json.

  • --help: Show this message and exit.


starkexpress-cli users register john_doe --eth-key=your_eth_key --stark-key=your_stark_key --json

This command will register a new user with the username john_doe, the provided Ethereum and STARK private keys, and return the result in JSON format. When a private key is omitted a random key will be generated.

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