Auth Command

The starkexpress-cli tool provides ways to manage tenant authentication on the Arc platform. By utilizing the auth command and its sub-commands, tenants can easily log in, check their authentication status, and log out directly from the CLI.

starkexpress-cli auth [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...


The starkexpress-cli auth command supports the following sub-commands: login, logout, and status.


The login sub-command is used to authenticate your client with Arc using the provided client ID and secret. It uses OAuth 2.0 with client credentials for authentication.

starkexpress-cli auth login [OPTIONS]


  • --client-id TEXT: Your client ID.

  • --client-secret TEXT: Your client secret.


starkexpress-cli auth login --client-id=CLIENT_ID --client-secret=CLIENT_SECRET


The status sub-command status will display the current status of the tenant's authentication. If the tenant is currently authenticated, it will return the details of the authenticated session.

starkexpress-cli auth status [OPTIONS]


The logout sub-command is used to end the current authenticated session, effectively logging the tenant out of Arc.

starkexpress-cli auth logout [OPTIONS]

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