An overview of Arc's key features.

Arc's Architectureis designed to provide key features for mass adoption:

User Experience:

  1. No latency. No need to wait for transaction confirmations. More on Sequencer Design.

  2. Self-custody of funds at all times with Ethereum’s security. More on Rollups.

  3. No gas fees. Fixed cost per operation, no variable gas fee market for transaction submission. More on Pricing and APIs.

  4. Privacy. Enables private ecosystems and transactions. More on Data Availability.

Developer Experience:

  1. APIs. Build or integrate your application on Arc using any programming language with Restful APIs.

  2. Arbitrary Functionality. Add any desired functionality to Arc. More on Rollup Stacks.

  3. Blockchain Abstraction. Arc abstracts the complex systems that are Ethereum, ZK, Smart Contracts, Consensus algorithms, etc.

  4. No running middleware. Arc eliminates the necessity for applications to run any kind of blockchain middleware.

Customer Experience:

  1. Compliance. Businesses retain control over their applications to ensure compliance with regulation. More on Compliance.

  2. Customer Support. Dedicated customer support for applications building on Arc.

  3. Throughput. Up to 10k TPS.

  4. Customizable Interoperability. On-demand configurable interoperability of applications and ecosystems within Arc. More on Interoperability..

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