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Quick Start

First steps to get bring your application into the Arc platform.
Arc is currently on private Testnet (sandbox) from Q2 to Q3 2023. During this period, selected partners will be progressively onboarded into the testnet. If you are interested in participating in the testnet, please fill out the form available on our website.

Get your API keys

After being accepted into the testnet, our team will reach out to you using the contact method provided during the registration process in order to coordinate the on-boarding phase.
As part of this process, we will provide you with an API Key that will allow you to authenticate into the Arc platform.
The API Key is confidential and should not be shared outside of your application. Leaking it would allow third parties to perform actions on your behalf, which is why we emphasize the importance of keeping this value confidential.
When the public testnet is live, you will be able to request API Keys from your Dashboard at any time.

Environments and domains

Note that the API and authorization server domains change depending on the environment you want to use. The following table shows the different domains for the different cases.
Test net
In Development

Install the Arc SDK

The best way to interact with our API is to use one of our official SDKs, which can be installed via:
# Install ARC Client via NPM
npm install --save arc-client
# Install ARC Crypto-Utils via NPM
npm install --save arc-crypto-utils
dotnet add PROJECT package StarkExpress.SDK --version 0.1.0
# Install via pip
pip install --upgrade starkexpress

Make your first request

To make your first request, send a request to the health check endpoint (no authentication needed). This will return a default message indicating the availability of the system:
Health check request
Take a look at how you might call this method using our official libraries, or via curl:
// init stark express client
const arcClient: Client = await ClientFactory.createCustomClient(
{ url: DefaultProviderUrls.TESTNET } as IProvider,
curl -X GET
// Set your API key before making the request
starkexpress.api_key = YOUR_API_KEY

Authenticate into the system

All requests made to the Arc API (except health check) should include the API Key provided to you or that you obtained from your client area Dashboard.
To include the API Key, add the following HTTP Header to all requests your system make (case insensitive): X-Api-Key. See the example below:
Get All Transactions
Here's an example using curl:
curl -X GET \
-H 'X-Api-Key: NDZhOWM3ZjctNTFlNC00M2JmLWFkNDgtOTg4MmNiZmJhODI2O1Rlc3RpbmdUZW5hbnQ=.L3YlLdKa7RTgrTVyAQRzp70mDxmy3' \
Note that each API Key only works for a specific application. If you have multiple client applications, make sure you are using the right API Key for each one.