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Manage Assets

Manage the assets supported by your Arc application.
If your application requires support for an asset that is not available in Arc, please contact Arc's team with details on your request.
Before doing any on-chain operation, each application must enable assets on the platform. Platform operations can only use assets that the application has explicitly enabled. There is no restriction on the number of distinct assets that a application can support. Arc provides a list of the assets that each instance can support:

Enable asset

You can enable an asset in your application by calling the following API endpoint:
Enable Asset
The endpoint will return the asset details confirming that is enabled for operations.

List enabled assets

You can list all enabled assets by querying the following endpoint:
Get All Assets

Deploying new assets

Arc applications can also deploy their own assets through our platform in a single action which will both deploy the asset smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and enable this asset for the application in the Arc system. By default, these deployed assets are private and are only usable by the application that deployed them so only the deploying application has permission to issue new mints of the new asset.
This operation has an extra charge associated with the cost of deploying the smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain which will be added to the application's monthly billing.
This feature is available in the application's Client Area but the endpoints are also open to enable automations on the application's server side. The relevant endpoints are the following:
Estimate cost of the deployment for a new Asset
Deploy Asset