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Shared Sequencer Network

Arc’s Shared Sequencer Network is a network which aggregates, orders, and executes transactions of Arc’s multiple Rollups. These rollups all share the same sequencers. It brings customizable Interoperability between applications and rollups, and the specialized Sequencer Design of each node to Arc.
Arc fully abstracts the complexity of blockchain technology, and so its Shared Sequencer Network allows users or applications to make transactions on multiple rollups without having to understand the underlying technology.
Users have assets on different rollups, unified by Arc and managed by Arc’s Shared Sequencing Network. Arc leverages features such as Account Abstraction and adding components to certain Rollup Stacks to enable this seamless User Experience.
Applications show all the user’s assets and state and Arc’s Shared Sequencer Network handles the bridging, burning, minting, composability of assets and transactions between different rollups. More details on Interoperability.
Arc also saves in costs by batching and compressing multiple transactions into a single settlement layer state update transaction. This significantly reduces gas consumption, making rollup transactions cheaper per unit. More details on Settlement & Finality.
Arc’s decentralized shared sequencer network consists of several components that work together to ensure that transactions are processed. These components include:
Arc’s Shared Sequencer Network will be first decentralized using a Proof-of-Authority algoritm to ensure compliance and will move to a fully permissionless setting as more properties are enforced at the protocol level. Currently, it uses a single sequencer. Check In Production and Decentralization for further details.
As mentioned in Rollups, Arc’s Sequencer Network performs the following operations:
  • Inclusion, Ordering, Aggregation, Execution, Header production, Submission.
The process of Proving will be dispatched to Arc’s Prover Network in the future. Currently, it is done by Arc and Starkware.