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An overview of the architecture documentation.
Arc is the full stack technical solution that, together, provides the necessary Features for mass adoption. Its components are Arc’s Shared Sequencer Network, its ecosystem of Rollups L2/L3s and their applications, using different Rollup Stacks.
Arc is deploying Arc’s Rollups, bringing the ecosystem together with Shared Sequencer Network, allowing the plug-and-play of different Data Availability solutions, and designing the Sequencer Design nodes to expose all of the underlying functionality via simple APIs.
Each individual component is fine-tuned to expose the best Features.
This section details every part of the Arc platform along with the rationale for the different design choices. For a general overview, refer to Overview.

Table of Contents

Rollups provides insight on the different rollups and Rollup Stacksused by Arc.
Shared Sequencer Network explains how Arc abstracts all the complexity blockchain and each individual node Sequencer Design.
Interoperabilityelaborates on the different types of interoperability within Arc and other ecosystems.
Application Types describes the type of applications that exist on Arc.
Settlement & Finality provides how Arc settles and finality guarantees.
Data Availability explains the variety of modes of Data Availability that Arc allows.
Security describes the Trust Assumptions of Arc's decentralized network.
Wallets & Custody enumerates the different methods of interacting with Arc.
In Production presents what components of Arc are in production.