Atomic Synchronous Composability via Shared Sequencing

Arc’s Shared Sequencer Network provides execution of submitted transactions, which enables synchronous rollup composition via atomic conditional transaction execution. It provides multi-rollup trusted execution guarantees between Arc’s rollups before posting state updates to the Settlement & Finality layer.

Arc fully abstracts the complexity of blockchain technology, and so its Shared Sequencer Network allows users or applications to make transactions on multiple rollups without having to understand it. Users will have assets on different rollups, unified by Arc and managed by Arc’s Shared Sequencing Network. Arc will leverage features such as Account Abstraction and adding components to certain Rollup Stacks to enable this seamless User Experience.

Applications will show all the user’s assets and state and Arc’s Shared Sequencer Network will handle the bridging, burning, minting, composability of assets and transactions between different rollups.

A multi-rollup transaction flow diagram will soon be added here.

The Sequencer ensures that either all the transactions from different rollups are confirmed, or none of them are submitted to the settlement layer. Currently this is a trusted process that Arc’s team is researching on making trustless with solutions such as Shared Validity Sequencing. More details in Trust Assumptions.

Applications can configure how and with whom they are interoperable with. Interoperability policies are enforced by the Shared Sequencer Network. This feature enables applications to remain compliant by ensuring different regulations regarding commingling of funds are respected. Currently this is a trusted process that Arc’s team is researching on making trustless by enforcing interoperability settings at the protocol level.

The Settlement & Finality layer smart contract for the different rollups in Arc’s ecosystem will contain a Namespace Merkle Tree that identifies them. Rollup idenfitication is set by Arc’s Shared Sequencing Network. More details in Settlement & Finality.

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